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Jan Harkner-Abbs is the training director for Michiana Working Dog Association.  She has been training in Schutzhund since 1983, dogs in general since 1968 and has titled multiple dogs through Schutzhund 1,2 and 3.  Jan and Jim own and operate a kennel and training grounds on 34 acres.  Jan trains in the area of search and detection work with different types of dogs. Jan is the K9 coordinator and a K9 handler for Orange Twp Fire Department search and rescue team, Executive Director of the Indiana Search and Response Team and the training coordinator of the State of Indiana District 3 SAR K9 team and Training Director for the Michiana Working Dog Association.  She is a special education consultant for the 4 county area.   

Jim Abbs has been in the sport for 30 years as a helper and semi-retired in 2011.  We were lucky to have a dedicated helper like Jim for our dogs!  Thank you for all your past work!  Jim is married to Jan and is the Chief Attorney for the Public Defenders Office of Noble County, IN.

Amber Taylor is new to the sport of Schutzhund and has titled her former dog, Sparrow to a BH.  She now has 2 new pups Veery and Wren who she has begun training for the BH.

Nigel Trice is a new member with his dog Luke in 2015.  Nigel is also becoming a very promising helper for our club.  Nigel will be getting his helper certification in 2016.  He has been training in helper work for 2 years.  Nigel and Luke will work to a BH  in 2016.

Bree Ann Beck and Kovu joined in 2015.  This team is making great progress and will begin trialing for a BH in 2016.

Bill Johnston and Conall are a strong team who joined the group in 2015.  Con got his BH in 2015 and will be trialing for a title in 2016.  Bill is very experienced in the world of competitive agility.  He is also training Con for Search and Rescue work.

Bob McKown and Cruise rejoined MWDA in 2016 and will be working for their titles through the coming years.

Christine Musselman has two German Shepherds, Gabe and Bucci.  She has been competing in AKC work with dogs since she was 10 years old and has put several titles on her dogs in obedience, agility and conformation.  She joined in 2016 and will be working towards IPO titles in 2016.

Bernie and Jan Becker with their new puppy Grady joined in 2016 and are working toward a BH.

Maugh Vail is a handler with years of experience in Schutzhund, Lab Field Trial work and SAR. She has come back to the sport to train a new Airdale puppy and is enjoying the sport of IPO and dog sports again.  Maugh is working York to a BH.

Jerad Harlow and Malka are new members of 2015 and will be working toward a BH.

Tracy White and Daryl are new members 2015 and will be working toward a BH.  Daryl holds many titles outside of the IPO work and is trying something new!

Bill Hankinson and Brutus have returned to training after a 16 year break!  Bill trained a prior dog with the club and has now returned with a new puppy!  They are working toward a BH.

Catrina Davis with Ares (GSD) and Ego (Dobe) have joined the club in 2016 and are working toward a BH with her 2 dogs.

Elyse Davis, our first youth handler is joining her Mother with her dog Riddick.  A very natural young handler who is doing well with this dog!  She is working toward her BH.

Jordan Goorehouse is a young man who has grown up in the sport of IPO and has also trained and worked around other service canines for police and detection work.  He comes with very strong helper skills and will be one of our club helpers in IPO.  He has a very nice young female GSD named Zikky who he is working toward a BH.

Veronica Hoff joined our club in 2016.  She has been involved in the sport of IPO for many years titling dogs and is currently with her dog Hank who is an IPO 2.

Marin Roidl joined the club in August of 2016. He is new to the sport of IPO and will soon have a new puppy.

Norma Gledhill joined the club in August of 2016.  Her and Rocco are just beginning the sport of IPO.




MWDA Current Members

Jan and Bodo (retired), IPO 3, AD, KK1 life, IPWDA Advanced Human Remains Detection Dog (retired age 10)

Jan Harkner-Abbs and Curse.  IPO 2 and planning to finish the 3 in 2016, International Police Work Dog Assn. Advanced Human Remains Detection Certified.

Jim Abbs, Semi-retired helper of 30 years experience. 1986.

Nigel Trice Sr.  and Luke.  IPO BH in training.  Helper in training.

Jerad Harlow and Malka working toward their BH

Bill Johnston and Conall, BH  working toward thier IPO 1.

Bree Ann Beck and Kovu working toward their BH.

Jan Becker and Grady working toward their BH.

Bernie Becker, Best club support ever!

Amber Taylor and Veery.  BH in training.

Maugh Vail and York.  BH in training. 

Bob McKown and Cruise, BH working toward an IPO 1.

Tracey White and Daryl working toward their BH. 

Christine Musselman and Gabe working toward their IPO 1.

Christine Musselman and Gucci working toward a BH.

Amber Taylor and Wren working toward a BH.

Bill Hankinson and Brutus working toward a BH.

Catrina Davis with Ego and Ares working toward a BH

Alyse Davis and Riddick working to a BH.

Jordan Goorehouse, our newest helper joined MWDA in 2016 with his dog Zikky and are working toward a BH

Veronica Hoff and Hank

Norma Gledhill and Rocco 

Tom Kerr and Merlin 

Matin Roidl and new puppy soon.


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